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If you’d like to submit a guest post, here’s how to do it. First, familiarize yourself with our content so you can see the quality we strive to achieve. Please send your guest post to Include “GUEST POST” in the subject line and a small bio at the end of the article. Backlinks to your website are perfectly fine.

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How much can you get from a reverse mortgage? Check out our free HECM reverse mortgage calculator. It's simple to use, fast, free, and no contact information is required. You can access the reverse mortgage calculator here. Our HECM for purchase calculator can be found here.

Updated for 2021: The Reverse Mortgage Revealed

The reverse mortgage is a fantastic financial tool, but it's not the perfect solution for everybody. Is it right (or wrong) for you?

Author Mike Roberts is the founder of and a successful reverse mortgage industry veteran. Writing in plain language, Roberts cuts through all the nonsense, rumors, and hype you may have heard about reverse mortgages. There are no sales pitches here!

This book is well-written, understandable, and packed with insights only an experienced professional can offer. You'll discover:

  • How a reverse mortgage really works.
  • Who should (and shouldn't) get a reverse mortgage.
  • Common myths and misconceptions.
  • Insider tips and tricks lenders don't tell you (and you likely won't find out anywhere else).
  • How to increase your payout & reduce closing costs (this alone is worth the cost of the book).
  • Pitfalls to avoid.
  • Why some applicants get approved and some don't.
  • How to finance a home purchase without a mortgage payment (yes, this is for real!).

Also included are detailed case studies based on real-life scenarios that tie key concepts and terms together. You'll see for yourself how a reverse mortgage can help you live a more enjoyable and financially secure retirement.

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